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About Us

"HeartBeat: Feel the Pulse, Live the Night."

In the heart of the Netherlands, where nightlife once lacked rhythm and pulse, HeartBeat emerged, transforming parties into unforgettable experiences. Dive into a night where every beat tells a story, and every venue dances to its own unique rhythm.

Our Story

In the vibrant and bustling student hubs of the Netherlands, there is an echo, a rhythm, a HeartBeat. This echo was dim and unstructured, with fragmented party vibes and DJs who couldn’t keep up with the evolving desires of the youth. Music, which should have been the lifeline of these parties, was splattered across genres without any sense of direction. The nightclubs and parties seemed to be devoid of a heartbeat, the pulse that keeps the night alive.

Founded by two DJs, who had been part of this student crowd and had felt the absence of this ‘HeartBeat’.  As we improved, so did our understanding of the scene around us. We knew what was missing, and we were determined to make it right.

We believe in the diversity of music and the uniqueness it brings to every venue. Just as every heartbeat is unique, so is every party and venue. With that in mind, HeartBeat was born. Our parties were no longer just events, but experiences. Each party took on a theme, creating an ambiance and a vibe that resonated with the venue's energy. No two HeartBeat parties were the same, and that's what made them experiences.

Our rise in the DJ community lead us to a pool of local talent, who like us, were waiting for their chance to be heard. HeartBeat became more than just parties; it became a platform. A platform for these local talents to showcase their skills, to be part of themed parties that were true to genres, and to elevate the party scene in the country.

Today, HeartBeat is not just an event company. It’s a movement. For those who take part in our journey, they're not just getting someone to play music; they’re getting a piece of the HeartBeat legacy. For the local talents we promote, they're joining a family that believes in both Heartbeat's potential as well as their own.

HeartBeat promises more than just a party. It promises an experience, a vibe, a rhythm that you can truly call your own. Join us, and let's keep the HeartBeat of the night alive!

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