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DJ Boyen-Complex-Heartbeat


Genre: Techno


From a young age, Boyen became acquainted with the club scene in Belgium, such as Club Versuz in Hasselt. Here, his passion for electronic music grew, and he began collecting house music. Years later, in 2018, Boyen met Kamiel. Kamiel, an R&B DJ, imparted the basic principles of DJing to Boyen. In 2019, they started together as a DJ duo known as Boyen & Camel, initially focusing on the genres of house and tech house, and later branching out into techno as well. They gained significant experience by performing in various clubs in both Belgium and the Netherlands, and they also held a residency at CAVO every Thursday night. After exploring different music styles and nurturing a growing passion for techno, Boyen made the decision to continue solo, with a specific focus on techno. As a result, he is also frequently found at Club Complex. Occasionally, Boyen still enjoys revisiting where it all began - tech house and house music. However, his primary focus now lies in delivering deep, groovy techno sets, drawing inspiration from artists like Julian Muller, SHDW, and Hector Oaks.

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