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What is Bunker by Heartbeat Events?

Welcome to "Bunker" by Heartbeat Events. A mind-blowing night club event that will transport you to a world of underground trashy bunker vibes like never before. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable night of pulsating energy, enchanting ambiance, and wild raving!

With the aim of redefining the typical night club experience, we've created a unique atmosphere inspired by the raw and edgy aesthetics of an underground bunker. Imagine a hidden haven, all clad in black and white, where you can let loose and embrace your primal instincts.



Our resident DJs are masters of their craft and will captivate your senses with a relentless blend of heart-pounding techno tracks. Expect an exhilarating auditory journey filled with thumping basslines, hypnotic beats, and immersive electronic sounds. We curate a music lineup that keeps you on your feet all night long, igniting your inner beast within.


Dress Code

To truly immerse yourself in the world of our underground bunker, we encourage our guests to embrace the event's black color scheme. Dress in your sleekest monochrome outfits to become part of the stunning visual tapestry that sets the mood for the evening.


Get ready to dance, let go, and experience a night club event that defies all boundaries.

Let's rave, let's roar, and let's make memories that will last a lifetime!

Upcoming Bunker Events

No Upcoming Bunker Events

Bunker Memories

Past Bunker Events


Bunker Vol 1

Location: Cavo

Lineup: STORIK, MP&RV, Mamo, Samito


Bunker Vol 2

Location: Cavo

Lineup: STORIK, MP&RV, Mamo


Bunker Vol 3

Location: Cavo

Lineup: MP&RV, STORIK, Samito, Mamo


Bunker Vol 4

Location: Cavo

Lineup: Red Vision, Samito, Flowing Energy


Bunker Vol 5

Location: Cavo

Lineup: Samito & Pablo Macaya


Bunker Vol 6

Location: Cavo

Lineup: Samito b2b Red Vision


Bunker Vol 7

Location: Cavo

Lineup: Samito b2b Red Vision


Bunker Vol 8

Location: Complex

Lineup: Boyen & MAMO


Bunker Vol 9

Location: Complex

Lineup: Samito, Red Vision, FALLEN

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