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What is Heat by Heartbeat Events?

Welcome to "Latin Heat," an explosive party experience that will transport you to the scorching heart of Latin vibes. Get ready to immerse yourself in an electrifying atmosphere filled with sizzling energy, vibrant colors, and irresistible rhythms!

"Latin Heat" is unlike any other party you've attended. We have curated an ambiance that captures the essence of Latin culture, transporting you to the lively streets of Latin America. Prepare yourself for a night of excitement, passion, and unbridled celebration!



At "Latin Heat," we carefully selected a lineup of DJs who are masters at getting the body moving through infectious beats. Immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms of reggaeton, Latin music, and afrobeats. Feel the rhythm flow through your veins, and dance like nobody's watching!


Dress Code

Embrace the spirit of "Latin Heat" by dressing in vibrant, colorful attire that reflects the energy of Latin culture. From tropical prints to salsa-inspired fashion, let your outfit be a vibrant expression of your inner Latin spirit.

Let's ignite the dance floor, let's feel the heat, and let's dance like there's no tomorrow!

Upcoming Heat Events




Heat: Cinco de Mayo

Time: 23:00-4:00

Location: Complex, Maastricht

Genre: House

Heat Memories

Past Heat Events


Cinco de Mayo

Location: Complex

Lineup: Eli Ramirez, Vossi Soundsystem, Alex Ebs, Curro, Bajo Mundo 


Bad Bunny Edition

Location: Cliniq

Lineup: MalPa, Deny Sinto 


Halloween Edition

Location: Cliniq

Lineup: MalPa, Vanrei


Afrobeats edition

Location: Cliniq

Lineup: Deny Sinto, MalPa


Bad Bunny Edition 02

Location: Complex

Lineup: MalPa, Vanrei

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