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What is Space by Heartbeat Events?

Welcome to "Space" by Heartbeat Events. An out-of-this-world party experience that will transport you to celestial realms with its mesmerizing space vibes. Get ready to embark on a galactic journey filled with mind-blowing visuals, pulsating lasers, and electrifying lighting!

Space is a party that defies conventional boundaries from this planet and takes you into the depths of the cosmos. Step into a universe where the futuristic meets the melodic, creating an ethereal atmosphere that will leave you spellbound.


At Space events the music will take you on a sonic journey where you will find yourself igniting your inner explorer. Lose yourself in the hypnotic sounds of melodic techno and future rave, where pulsating beats intertwine with celestial melodies.

Visuals, Lasers, and Lighting

Let your eyes feast upon the breathtaking visuals that surround you. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing symphony of lights, lasers, and projections that bring the universe to life. Be dazzled by the interplay of bluish hues inspired by planets, stars, and celestial elements, creating an immersive environment where you can truly feel the depths of space.


Dress Code

Embrace the cosmic theme by dressing in attire that captures the essence of the universe. From sparkles and glitter reminiscent of stars to futuristic and intergalactic fashion, let your outfit be a reflection of your interstellar spirit.

Let's journey beyond our earthly bounds, let's feel the euphoria, and let's dance among the stars!

Upcoming Heat Concepts

No Upcoming Heat Concepts

Past Space Concepts


Space Edition 1

Location: Cavo

Lineup: Samito, Red Vision, Mamo


Space Edition 2

Location: Cliniq

Lineup: Red Vision, Bastion

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